Greetings SavvyTaste User!

This is a little info about log-in and privacy.

You'll be logging into SavvyTaste with your Google (gmail) log-in. After you enter your email address and password, you'll click three more times before getting full access to SavvyTaste.

Your log-in will last for 30 days.

This type of log-in sequence is necessary because we don't gather any of your Google information, nor do we store it or access any of your Google features.

There are other Google log-in methods that would get you to SavvyTaste with fewer clocks, but those would also potentially expose your other data. We don't need that. And, quite frankly, as web users we wouldn't want to give that much of our data to us either.

And for that level of privacy, you'll need to enter three extra mouse clicks every month.

Your 30-day access uses a cookie, but it's not a tracking cookie and tells us absolutely nothing about you except to let you access SavvyTaste without extra clicks.

Enjoy SavvyTaste. And please let me know what you like and don't like. We're always tweaking the user experience to make it better.

Here's to your health!